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Indoraptor Stop Motion Film by Dynamic Motion Studios

By January 13, 2019August 21st, 2019Community

The Jurassic community’s creative talent never ceases to amaze, and this latest Creation Lab feature is no exception! Daan from Dynamic Motion Studios shares with us his vision of a deleted Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom scene exploring the origins of the creature’s unlit enclosure. Originally inspired by concept art, Daan created the entire sequence with stop motion animation using the perfectly suited Super Posable Indoraptor figure from Mattel.

Capturing the tension and terror of the Indoraptor using carefully framed scenes and a moody audio track, Daan has carefully executed a pitch-perfect piece of Jurassic filmmaking. Impressive lighting effects and simulated depth of field completely elevate the plastic toy subjects for the gripping minute and half encounter.  Mattel’s villainous Indoraptor figure has never looked so good!

There’s plenty more Jurassic stop motion on Dynamic Motion Studios YouTube Channel, let us know in the comments what scene you’d like to see recreated next!