New York Toy Fair 2020: Collect Jurassic Returns to the Show!

By February 16, 2020February 25th, 2020News

Another February is upon us, and that means one of the most exciting events in the toy industry is just around the corner! The New York Toy Fair kicks off later this week and Collect Jurassic will again be in attendance to cover all the Jurassic-related content live from the show. We’re expecting plenty of exciting toy reveals from Mattel, LEGO and more — with a rumored “Camp Cretaceous” spin on many of this year’s upcoming offerings. What exactly those might me, we’ll have to wait a few more days to find out!

Similar to last year’s Toy Fair coverage, we’ll be posting up-to-the-minute updates over on Instagram, Facebook and to a lesser extent, Twitter. New for this year, Collect Jurassic’s YouTube channel will also be hosting exclusive video content from the show. Follow and subscribe so you won’t miss a moment of the Jurassic goodness during New York Toy Fair 2020! Once the show wraps up, in-depth recap articles and HD image galleries will be added to the site as well.

We’re so thrilled to be sharing firsthand the latest Jurassic World / Jurassic Park toy and collectible news from New York later this week, stay tuned for more announcements soon!



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  • Randy says:

    Please god no more repaints! Legacy stuff is what the fans want in BOTH scales. Don’t let us down again mattel!

    • Gustave says:

      They have pics up on Jurassic Outpost, sorry but it’s 85% repaints, no humans. Mattel doesn’t care what we the fans want.

  • Dr Jurassic says:

    Mattel have no imagination with this toy line. Countless retools, repaints and a non cannon dinosaurs. No humans. No vehicles. No idea.

    Lost interest.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    It was confirmed months ago that there weren’t going to be any humans or vehicles, so no surprise there.

    Remember the picture with all the shadows of new species? We still haven’t seen a bunch of those, so some more interesting stuff IS on the way, at least. They probably just didn’t have most of the new species ready yet so the toy fair ended up being Repaint City.

    Unfortunately, so far Primal Attack is by far the weakest of the three lines we’ve gotten. I’ll still eagerly snatch up any new species but I’m getting sick of the repaints, and with limited store space due to being the second year in a row with no JW movie they don’t need to make so much filler anyway. Especially since all the most interesting filler doesn’t come to the US for some reason.

    • Gooper Blooper says:

      Oh, they just revealed some more stuff and there’s some more new species and sculpts in there! I don’t know why I assumed the stuff revealed yesterday would be all there is, but I did. So the situation isn’t as dire as Repaint-A-Palooza made it seem at first, but still… definitely time for me to start skipping some releases, because I can’t keep buying Triceratops and Baryonyx forever.

    • Gustave says:

      I said it once I’ll say it again- Mattel has screwed us.
      I’m just wondering how long it will take before they realize their mistake- IF they ever realize. They’re churning out repaints like clockwork while the Dino Rivals wave is just taking up shelf space in all my local stores, it doesn’t look good for any future waves if they can’t see their own blunder.
      Maybe we as fans need to start a petition or something, really make them listen instead of killing this toy line like they’re doing.

  • Andrew says:

    I noticed that Troodon is one of the new dinosaur figures. It’s about time! Also, I’m a big fan of Spinosaurus and his cousins, so the new figure of Irritator is a welcome addition to the toy line.

  • Erik says:

    Cool new toys along with some neat repaints but the lack of new human figures along with vehicles and playsets is so off-putting. I guess we likely won’t get either until the new film’s toyline next year.

  • Gustave says:

    I don’t know what’s worse- the repaints, the lack of human figures, or the ugliest Dilophosaurus sculpt I’ve ever seen in my life. Yeeesh that’s one ugly retool.
    Seriously Mattel needs to get their act together if they think only releasing dinosaurs is a good idea. That plus cancelling the Legacy Dilo and giving us whatever that abomination is. This pattern is getting old fast and even regular folks who aren’t Jurassic fans can see it too.

    • Erik says:

      The lack of human figures is definitely frustrating. Wish we’d get something akin to the Dino-Trackers and Evil Raiders that Kenner did for the first film’s toyline.

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