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Unboxing Dominion’s New Thrash N’ Devour T-Rex Toy From Mattel

By February 27, 2022Review

The queen has arrived! As excitement continues to build around Jurassic World Dominion’s summer release, we have one of the most anticipated toys from the new film ready to unbox and review — the Thrash N’ Devour Tyrannosaurs Rex. T-Rex toys are among the most iconic collectibles throughout the entire Jurassic franchise, and Mattel has continued to improve and innovate their version of the species since their first Fallen Kingdom figure in 2018. In our in-depth review we’ll showcase the Dominion toy’s fantastic new design, as well as it’s killer “devouring” play feature. And for those curious about how this figure stacks up to the previous Mattel T-Rex releases, the full Rexy roster is on deck for side-by-side comparisons later in the review. Watch the full video above in ultra-high definition 4K and let us know your favorite T-Rex in the comment section.

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