April Fools: New Bash ‘N Bellow Apatosaurus Figure Spotted On Shelves

By April 1, 2019 August 14th, 2019 News

April Fools! We may have overdone our entry into the April Fools tradition of “Fake Products You Wish Were Real” with our custom Apatosaurus figure. No, it isn’t a real release—but we hope everyone enjoyed our little prank. Head over to our Instagram post to see the behind-the-scenes of what into making this dream figure a “reality”. No hard feelings, right?

What a way to start the month! The previously unknown Bash ‘N Bellow Apatosaurus made a surprise appearance on Target shelves today, and we’re blown away by the size of Mattel’s newest Dino Rivals herbivore. We’re told Apatosaurus is larger than the Bite ‘N Fight Rex and features both a pneumatic whipping tail action and an electronic “bellow”, both activated by buttons on its back. Leg, neck and jaw articulation also appear to be present in this gorgeous rendition of Jurassic World’s long-wished for species. The toy’s suggested retail price appears to be $39.99 as indicated in the photo we received below.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for more updates on this latest surprise release today. See below for a full-size image of the Bash ‘N Bellow Apatosaurus in all its oversize glory. We want to give a huge thank you to April F. for this tip!

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  • Erik says:

    This is an awesome surprise. This wasn’t listed in any previous listing at all. Very happy to see we have another Sauropod in this line, can’t wait to own this.

    • Erik says:

      Just now seeing this was an April Fool’s joke, a damn good one at that, too. That toy looks real enough for sure. Hopefully we get an actual Apatosaurus in the line eventually, between that and TLW Mamenchisaurus to keep the upcoming Brachiosaurus company.

  • Matt Blodgett says:

    I’m confused. Is this real or an April Fools joke?

    • Collect Jurassic says:

      Hey Matt! Afraid this one will remain on our most-wanted list for now, this was our April Fools post. Hope you still enjoyed it!

  • CL says:

    *SLAPS FOREHEAD* OH! You got me good

  • Christopher Duffy says:

    I bet that Apatosaurus is the real deal. why in the hell would Mattel just go out there ways to create and develop this Dino Rivals? If the Indomins Rex being released this year there’s a good chance it’s going to need some sporting company….LMAO!!! It’s just a teaser pic. Watch, it’s going to be arriving either in the late summer or fall.

  • Mario Ruiz says:

    Do you think it is actually going to be released because in my opinion you did a damn good job making the picture and all that and it looked so accurate to the one in the movie

  • Mario Ruiz says:

    Do you think it’s actually going to be released? Because at first I was fooled, because you did a damn good job on the picture!

  • glenn says:

    is it in cape coral’s targets? I really dying to know

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