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Toy Sighting Recap: Amargasaurus, LEGO and More!

By August 11, 2019August 12th, 2019News

2019’s year-long onslaught of new Jurassic toy releases shows no signs of stopping this summer! With so many new Mattel and LEGO toys hitting this past month both in the US and abroad, we’ve gathered every signifiant find into one article for your toy-hunting pleasure. Highlights include in-store LEGO Legend of Isla Nublar sets, a new Super Colossal release and the upcoming Mega Dual Attack Amargasaurus figure. The hunt is still on, see more details below:


Target carrying Indominus Rex and Primal Pal Blue in-store and online

Mattel’s Destroy ‘N Devour Indominus can finally be tracked down in-store here in the US, thanks for Target now stocking both it and Primal Pal Blue as part of their new toy floorset. While the store’s new Jurassic setup doesn’t leave room for Brachiosaurus, we of course know that toy isn’t due till later this year. Still nice to see some new toys finally showing up at Target. Also available on (shop here and here) and currently on sale!


New LEGO Jurassic sets available across the US

While the new LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar sets have been available for our friends in Europe for the better part of the summer, the new line is finally hitting US shores. The entire range has been spotted in-store at Target, Walmart and Meijer, as well as online on Amazon (shop here) and (shop here). Image Credit: Jurassic Park Podcast


Super Colossal Blue now available online

After it’s stunning debut at the New York Toy Fair, fans have been clamoring to get ahold of the mega-sized version of Jurassic World’s raptor star. At long last, she’s now available via Amazon (shop here) and Entertainment Earth (shop here) for immediate fulfillment.


Latest Dino Rivals Attack Pack hitting US Target stores

At last, collector’s can finish Mattel’s Raptor Squad now that the next Attack Pack figure assortment is showing up across the US on Target shelves. Velociraptor Echo, Mononykus and a Dimorphodon redeco make up this newest wave. Image Credit: @_dr.azs0229_


New Baryonyx Set and Mega Dual Attack available in-store at Walmart

Walmart stores across the country are resetting their toy sections, making room for new Jurassic offerings as we head into the busy fall shopping season. The excellent Walmart-exclusive Ultimate Baryonyx Breakout set, which we previously reviewed on our YouTube channel, has now been found on store shelves after previously only being available online. Also spotted in-store: Mega Dual Attack Suchomimus and Quetzalcaotlus. This marks the first time this assortment has been widely available in-store after preveiously only being available in regional/local retail outlets. Image Credit: Mitchell Y. and @wildjurassic


Amargasaurus and Savage Strike Plesiosaurus found in Asia

We have our first in-hand photos of the upcoming Mega Dual Attack Amargasaurus figure, spotted in-store in Malaysia. The previous figure in this assortment, Quetzalcoatlus, was also spotted ahead of it’s US release in Malaysia as well if that’s any indication for when we can expect this newest figure toy to his the US. Found nearby in Singapore was ths Savage Strike Plesiosaurus, sporting a color scheme slightly different than the Battle Damage version as well as the signature action feature. While official promotional photos of these toys have existed for quite some time, we’re impressed with the final production versions of each figure⁠—can’t wait to track these down stateside! Image Credit: @figurineimaginarium and Dan’s Surprise

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