New for 2021: Mattel’s Spinosaurus Figure is Back!

By December 23, 2020News

We are excited to share another look at a brand new figure which is coming in 2021 – and one which we think may be the most stunning version of this particular dinosaur which has been released to date. It is, of course, the Spinosaurus – a figure which has seen mixed releases in the past, but which looks set to correct that next year.

The Spinosaurus we see presented here appears to share the same sculpt as the Target and Smyths Legacy Collection version, but this version is adorned with many more paint applications than both the prior Legacy Collection and Battle Damage releases and is, arguably, the best rendition of this dinosaur which Mattel have released here. The core color here is tan – with dark browns used for some of the highlights along the back, including the sail, whilst some crimson colors very similar to those found on the Legacy Collection variant round out the color palette. For added details we then have white highlights around the face, the side of the figure, and also on the sail – adding a really nice range of depth to this dinosaur.

This genuinely may be my favorite figure we have seen from 2021 so far. The paint apps on the new version of the Spino feel fresh enough to me that it almost feels like a brand new figure – despite it being a repaint. This figure really is a top-tier example of how the right paint job can breathe new life into an old sculpt.

The most interesting thing to note here is the fact that this Spinosaurus, or a rendition of it, also appears in the Snap Squad lined we previewed earlier in the year – suggesting there may be more to this figure than meets the eye. Given the popularity of this dinosaur, and the fact that concept art for it does exist, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this turn up in Camp Cretaceous – possibly as the main antagonist in the third season if it releases in 2021.

All speculation aside, however, it is undoubtable that the Spinosaurus remains one of the more popular larger dinosaurs to appear in the Jurassic franchise to date – so getting a new version, no matter where it originates from, is fantastic news for all of us.

With that said, we’d love to know what you think? Do you love this repaint as much as we do, or does it not quite hit the mark? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to Collect Jurassic for all your Jurassic collecting news!

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  • Gooper Blooper says:

    I’m very interested… though wary, due to Spino’s consistently inconsistent availability. Will this figure be a NORMAL release I can buy off Amazon instead of another heck-dang stupid store exclusive the store won’t carry properly? I never got the BD Spino because my local Walmart didn’t feel like carrying it, and that’s still a sore spot for me since it looked so cool and had a completely unique action feature no other toy in the line has.

    I noticed the suspicious lack of pictures showing the Spino’s right side of its’ body, but there’s no action button on the frill, so this looks to be a repaint of the 2018 original, not the 2019 BD release.

  • Shyanne Luckenbaugh says:

    I want it. How much will it cost.

    • Gooper Blooper says:

      While there isn’t any pricing information on this figure yet, I will predict a price of $30. The original Legacy Spino was $25, which most people thought was surprisingly cheap, and the Battle Damage version was $30. The latest version of the Extreme Chompin’ Rex released early this year was $25, even though the original 2018 version was sold for just $20, so sticking with the higher price of $30 for Spino makes sense.

  • Erik says:

    Looks very cool, here’s to hoping this one is more widely available.

    For some reason, this color scheme has more of a desert aesthetic and vibe to me. Which is pretty fitting and appropriate, given the Spinosaur’s roots in North Africa and Egypt. Wonder if that was the intent of the designers with this color scheme, to evoke that?

    • christopher says:

      I searched up when will it be released and it said January 1, 2021 but I’m not sure but I will definitely buy it it because the coloring is just so good and what will be the price of it?

    • Tom Jurassic says:

      It is definitely possible. Glad you mentioned Egypt as I got a kind of arid vibe from this figure akin to that climate. Would be a really nice nod to it!

  • Christopher Duffy says:

    Hello Collect Jurassic, when this Repaint of the Spinosaurus is officially released by next year, where’s the best place to look in advanced before it hits retail stores ? Hopefully this toy won’t be another Target 🎯 Exclusive. I can’t stand Exclusive only. I miss Toys’r’us in its golden days. Thanks, Chris.

    • Tom Jurassic says:

      Hey Chris! Keep an eye on Target, Walmart and probably Amazon – best three places to keep your eyes peeled. Also follow us on Socials as we will share when it is available. 🙂

      • Christopher Duffy says:

        Okay, I’ll keep my eyes 👀 on the prize of trying to score the Spinosaurus. I have never owned one. 😂 lol.

  • Rosa says:

    How much will it cost? When will it be released at what date like we know 2021 but like what date?Will it be more available than the other ones?

  • Let’s hope that this toy does not run out of stock too fast.

  • Anonymous says:

    DO you know by chance when you are releasing it?

  • ty jenkins says:

    DO you know by chance when you are releasing it?

  • guy says:

    in the future can we see rampage idominus

  • Deborah says:

    Uma duvida vai vir pro brasil ?

  • Alan says:

    When in 2021 will this be available and how much will it cost. How may I receive notifications for the release of the new spinosaurus or any other new dinos this year?

  • jake says:

    what month is it coming

  • omgitsalex says:

    i hope this thing isnt expensive like the battle damage and the legacy because im not going to spend 100 to 200 dollars for it

  • Ty jenkins says:

    Well i think they were only about 35 or so buck but people got them out of stock.

  • Glenn diaz says:


  • ty jenkins says:


  • Holden says:

    Will it come before eastern I really want that thing soon

  • Holden says:

    Will it come before Easter I really want it soon

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