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Jurassic World Dino Trackers 2023 Toy Checklist: Where To Buy + HD Gallery

By January 29, 2023News

Updated 1.29.23: New images added for Gigantic Trackers Elasmosaurus.

Jurassic toys are still roaring strong in 2023! After all the excitement this past year around Jurassic World Dominion, Universal Pictures and their brand partners aim to carry that momentum into the new year with exciting merchandise themes like “Dino Trackers” and “Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary”. While the former builds off of Dominion’s promise of dinosaurs living among us in unique ways (including biome-themed packaging and tracking gear), it’s the 30th Anniversary’s potential to deliver on Jurassic Park-centric toys that has us the most intrigued. While Mattel’s 3.75-inch scale Hammond Collection will continue to offer adult collectors a higher end option for figures based on all 6 Jurassic movies, JP30’s assortment will be solely inspired by the first film’s merchandise magic of yesteryear. This time, it will be flawless!

With the hype building around what’s next for Jurassic, we’re getting an early start on the Jurassic World 2023 Toy Checklist. HD galleries, placeholder links, and assortment breakdowns are already coming together for the core Dino Tracker line, so expect a steady stream of updates as we closeout 2022 and head into the new year. We’ll keep updating the 2022 Dominion Toy Checklist until then— bookmark both pages and keep checking back for new toy intel!

All release information subject to change.

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Dino Trackers Legacy Collection Epic Damage Hammond Collection Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary

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Super Colossal Uncaged Fierce Changers Basic


Dino Trackers

Danger Pack

View Full Gallery

View Full Gallery

Wave 1 (Winter 2023):
Nothosaurus – Coming Soon
Elaphrosaurus – Coming Soon
Austroraptor – Coming Soon
Brachiosaurus – Coming Soon
Wave 1 Case Pack – Entertainment Earth
Sealed shipper includes 6x figures

Wave 2 (Spring 2023)::
Xuanhanosaurus – Coming Soon
Tupandactylus – Coming Soon
Piatnitzksaurus – Coming Soon


Strike Attack

View Full Gallery

Wave 1 (Winter 2023):
Herrerasaurus – Amazon* | Walmart* | Entertainment Earth
Genyodectes Serus – Amazon* | Walmart* |Entertainment Earth
Zuniceratops – Amazon* | Walmart* |Entertainment Earth
Edaphosaurus – Amazon* | Walmart* | Entertainment Earth
Wave 1 Case Pack – Entertainment Earth
Sealed shipper includes 6x figures

Gigantspinosaurus – Coming Soon
Prestosuchus – Coming Soon
Atrociraptor – Coming Soon
Dilophosaurus Coming Soon


Wild Roar

View Full Gallery

Eocarcharia – Amazon* | Walmart* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Kronosaurus – Walmart* | Walmart*Target |  Entertainment Earth
Dryptosaurus – Amazon* | Walmart* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Diabloceratops – Amazon* | Walmart*TargetEntertainment Earth
Wave 1 Case Pack – Entertainment Earth
Sealed shipper includes 4x figures

Orkoraptor – Coming Soon
Irritator – Coming Soon
Nigersaurus – Coming Soon
Regaliceratops – Coming Soon


Gigantic Tracker

View Full Gallery

View Full Gallery

Wave 1 (Winter 2023):
Sinotyrannus –
Amazon* | Walmart* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Stegosaurus – Amazon* | Walmart*Target | Entertainment Earth
Wave 1 Case Pack – Entertainment Earth
Sealed shipper includes 2x figures

Wave 2 :
Elasmosaurus – Coming Soon
Bistahieversor Coming Soon



View Full Gallery

Roarin’ Battle Pack – Amazon*


Track ‘N Attack Indoraptor

View Full Gallery

Indoraptor – Amazon* | Walmart*Target | Entertainment Earth


Habitat Defender Triceratops

View Full Gallery

Triceratops – Amazon* (Hidden)


Hunt ‘N Chomp Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurs Rex – Coming soon


Camouflage ‘N Battle Indominus rex

Indominus Rex – Coming soon



View Full Gallery

Search ‘n Smash Truck – Amazon*Walmart*Target | Entertainment Earth

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Legacy Collection


View Full Gallery

Risky Rescue Pack – Target (Exclusive)
Jurassic Park TBD Pack – Coming Soon



Mamenchisaurus – Coming Soon

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Epic Damage


View Full Gallery

Velociraptor – Coming Soon
Dilophosaurus Coming Soon
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Juvenile) & Pachycephalosaurus –
Coming Soon
Epic Battle Carnotaurus –
Coming Soon



Crash ‘N Attack Ford Explorer Set – Coming Soon

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Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary

Human, Dinosaur & Hatchling Packs

Pack 1 – Coming Soon
Pack 2 – Coming Soon



Vehicle Pack – Coming Soon


Real-Feel Dinosaurs

Large Dinosaur – Coming Soon

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Hammond Collection

Small Figures

View Full Gallery

Ray Arnold – Amazon* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Pachycephalosaurus (The Lost World) –
Amazon*Target | Entertainment Earth
Robert Muldoon – Amazon* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Velociraptor (Jurassic Park 3) – Amazon* | TargetEntertainment Earth
Dennis Nedry – Coming soon
Juvenile Tyrannsaurus Rex – Coming soon
John Hammond –
Coming soon


Medium Figures

View Full Gallery

Ankylosaurus – Amazon* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Geosternbergia (The Lost World / Concept) – Amazon* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Concavenator – Amazon* | Target | Entertainment Earth
Juvenile Stegosaurus (The Lost World) – Coming soon
Corythosaurus (Jurassic Park 3) – Coming soon
Metriacanthosaurus – Coming soon
Irritator – Coming soon


Large Figures

Brachiosaurus – Coming soon
Tyrannsaurus Rex – Coming soon

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Figure Pack

View Full Gallery

Alan Grant & Velociraptor (Jurassic Park 3) – Amazon*


Super Colossal

Indoraptor – Amazon*

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Wild Pop Ups

View Full Gallery

Spinosaurus – Target
Baryonyx Limb0 – Target
Atrociraptor Red – Target


Fierce Launchin’ Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus – Coming Soon

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Fierce Changers

Hidden Hatchers

Dilophosaurus – Coming Soon


Double Dangers

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Coming Soon
Carnotaurus Coming Soon
Baryonyx Coming Soon


Massive Stretch

Indoraptor – Coming Soon
Giganotosaurus – Coming Soon


Chase ‘N Roar Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Coming Soon

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View Full Gallery

Concavenator – Entertainment Earth
Scorpios Rex – Entertainment Earth
Indoraptor – Entertainment Earth
ProceratosaurusEntertainment Earth
Herrerasaurus – Coming soon


Sound Surge

View Full Gallery

Indominus Rex – Entertainment Earth
Tyrannosaurus Rex – Entertainment Earth


*Websites like Amazon and Walmart also contain third-party marketplaces which auto-populate product pages when the item is not in stock directly from the retailer. These listings may contain prices above the suggested retail price of the item. Usually, when the item goes back into stock the product page will show the correct price, as well as the item shipping directly from Amazon or Walmart. Just keep checking, similar to “Out of Stock” pages on Target and Entertainment Earth.

Join the discussion 113 Comments

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    1st of all: TBD sauropod. I was JUST SAYING we need a another baby sauropod!! Dread, apata, ampelo, any or all would be great!! Even if it’s not any of those. 2nd: search and smash truck. I’m hoping for less of an animated car, and more toy photography friendly. I’m a toy photographer, and that would be so helpful. As long as it’s not super expensive. 3rd: human, dinosaur, and hatchling pack. We’re gonna be looking at any and all JP characters and dinos. Even baby pterosaurs, or aquatic reptiles. It’ll be great. 4th: more HC figures. I never got the Muldoon figure, so I would Love to have him as a figure. I didn’t have a grant figure, and now that I have him at HC, it’s a huge level up. 5th: HC medium figures. I Love ankylos, concavonator, and no problem with geo. I do wonder where they’ll get his design from. Maybe concept art. Could be like metri, never actually filmed, but he was confirmed to be there. And for as for ankylosaurus, I wonder how many points of articulation he’ll have. I’m thinking he’s gonna be the same as the trike, but with a articulated tail. I just hope he won’t have the JP lll color scheme. I don’t really dig that one. Hopefully the JW color. And last but NOT LEAST 6th: super colossal indoraptor. Nothing to say about this. Just wondering how he’ll look. With him being able to walk on all fours. So might be closer to the new indo we’re getting. And I would like to say thanks to Tim for making this list. Great for all of us. You put a lot of work into this, and we ALL greatly appreciate it. Thanks for everything.

    • STARSAURS158 says:

      One last thing, what are y’all most excited for.

      • Craig Kaiser says:

        I wish they would reissue the command compound. A new one in box on eBay costs 1200. It would be a huge seller. They could also do the same with the Lost World mobile command center vehicle. Not sure why they would not.

        • David C Wigley says:

          I still have mine in box from when I was a kid. (Heavily played with, but I used the box as a toy box to store the collection.
          I just need the big red rex. Mine kept breaking as a kid, and then it was recalled. 😔

      • Jurassictater says:

        Probably the Marine reptiles nothosuarus elasmosuarus and kronosuarus I saw there was a dino trackers liopleurodon so excited 😆

      • Anonymous says:

        Search N’ Smash Truck And Gigantic trackers Stegosaurus

        could anyone sub to my channel here is link
        Jurassic Star 22 – YouTube

      • Miztyy da dinosaur lover says:

        Jurassic 30th Anniversary,

        Im so dissappointed we arent getting any large hammond collection figures

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope they make the Lost World trailer boy that fell off the cliff that would be freaking awesome😁👍👍👍👍

        • STARSAURS158 says:

          Right!? The thing is, I don’t really think they will. First of all, they already used the trailer for the lost world pack. You know, as packaging. And it might be a bit too large. But, if Mattel ignores those two signs, GREAT! Also to be fair, this is JP anniversary, so if they were to release it, it wouldn’t be for the JP anniversary.

        • Anonymous says:

          We are. Brachi and another T. rex, probably the buck or juvenile

    • Spino_Rex123 says:

      I hope one of those 30th anniversary packs has a Dr. Wu!

      • STARSAURS158 says:

        I can guarantee you they will. The only problem is it might be like, in an $80 pack, lick gennaro or sattler

      • Collin Limer says:

        I’m gonna be serious here… I don’t see the need for the Dino Trackers line. They should’ve put they’re focus into the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park… and to have it worldwide… instead of it being a Target exclusive. Hopefully the humans, dinosaurs, vehicles, and possibly a playset (which I doubt) will be good. We the fans have been asking for a rubber dinosaur and now we’ll finally get one. Hopefully Mattel will realize how successful Rubber dinosaurs will be and make more. Now HC… dear lord Mattel why did you guys make a Metriacanthosaurus over the FK allosaurus, BABR Allosaurus for $35 or the Carnotaurus for $35? No one cares about this species of animal. Plus this lines seems to only focus on the movies. Now I don’t mind them making random species of dinosaurs AFTER they focused on the movies dinosaurs and humans. The Ankylosaurus I will bet is going to be small and will be the JP3 version which I don’t mind but please make it bigger. Also why did you guys choose a Geosternbergia over the LW pteranodon? No one is asking for the concept art of the Pteranodon from the LW. That’s like making the early version of the Indominus rex concept art version into HC over than final version. I was hoping as well to get more than just 2 new humans. Like Lex and Tim with a Ford Explorer with working headlights and Dino damage pieces and accessories for the humans. Hammond, survivor version of Lex, Tim, Alan, and Ellie. Have Muldoon come with his getaway Jeep as well. But overall it’s… ok…. Also the NFT thing is so stupid… people stop making excuses for Mattel…

        • STARSAURS158 says:

          Listen kid, the HC line is meant to be for collectors, not three year olds. They will NEVER release a play set for the HC toys. It’s a collectors line. For vehicles, all you’re gonna get is the toys coming out now in days, or what you have from two years ago. Now that I think about it, what we’ve been getting is probably the all we’re gonna get. Human figures with accessories that aren’t wanted at all, dinosaurs, and that’s all. And now that I think about it, we might even get sauropods or marine reptiles. So, sorry to break it to you Collin, but that’s all. I think if you’re looking for more of playable toys, check elsewhere. All these new HC toys will be announced throughout the rest of the year. Maybe even into next year. But if you enjoy the current HC line, then go ahead and keep getting them. I just wanted to tell you what would happen.

          • Collin Limer says:

            Ok I wanna make it clear when I say playset for HC I meant like higher quality diorama sort of playsets for the figures. Not necessarily for playability but for display. However yes I don’t see them adding in playability for HC so I’ll give you that. But I do want to see a new version of the ford explorers with Dino damage in the 30th anniversary of JP because let’s be honest here. The one Mattel gave us sucks… compared to the Kenner Ford Explorer, the Mattel version isn’t a good vehicle for playability. Which is what it should’ve had! Is playability. The only playability you have is that the glass roof has a spring to fall down and that’s it. Also I’m sure collectors wouldn’t mind the ability to change or remove pieces from a vehicle in HC to have them look destroyed. Like having the ability to remove the wind shield on Myldoon’s getaway Jeep.

        • 2015_ISLA_NUBLAR_INCIDENT says:

          The lost world pterosaur is a geosteirnbirgia

        • Miztyy da dinosaur lover says:

          What is the rubber dinosaur?

    • Anonymous says:

      M rx7 16×48⅞grief

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to eventually see John Hammond in the hammond collection

      • STARSAURS158 says:

        Since it’s named Hammond Collection, he’ll probably be one of the last ones released. Maybe even with a properly sized visitors center.

    • Adam says:

      The ankylosaurus the concavonater had a picture as Wes the gestondobriegh

    • Logan Baloga says:

      Do you think there will be another Trex this year?

  • Gooper+Blooper says:

    Wow, lots to save up for! I’m very impressed at how many new sculpts and species have already been revealed. I was used to 2020 and 2021’s army of repaints and repacks, but it makes sense that we’re not regressing to that (at least not yet). The 30th anniversary is a big deal, after all.

    Very happy to see Carnotaurus get an Extreme Damage figure to go with the Allosaurus. I love the Carno we got in the Malta Chase pack but it’s too big to be the baby Carno from that scene and it’s too small to be the adult (I would enjoy seeing more figures in this scale, though. Bigger than an Attack Pack, smaller than a Sound Strike)

    Someday I hope to have a dedicated Jurassic room I can display everything in. The Super Colossals in particular are just so big, I can’t show them off the way I’d like and it makes me reluctant to collect them all.

    If I had to pick a favorite from what we have photos of so far? Elasmosaurus. That’s been a species I’ve wanted for a long time.

    And for what I’d like to see most in the future? Aside from making figures for the remaining movie dinos that still don’t have one (Oviraptor, Baby Carnotaurus) and figures of the missing humans (where on EARTH is Dr. Wu???), I also want more Paleozoic creatures! Some parts of the franchise that are allowed to get really wild with the species, such as the mobile games, have made a ton of crazy pre-dinosaur animals into Jurassic “canon”. Let’s see figures of weirdos like Diplocaulus and Anomalocaris!

    Also, we need a figure of that robot dinosaur thing that Tim hates from Camp Cretaceous. Just for the memes, and to see Tim’s internal struggle over whether he should buy it. Imagine the video review.

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    Are you kidding me? Concavonator, as in, Fallen Kingdom diorama Concavonator!?!?

  • Andrew says:

    Can’t wait but I haven’t even gotten the JWD toys, I haven’t even finished collecting the camp Creatatous stuff. Well more to save up for.


  • Erik says:

    Look forward to all of this but I really wish Mattel would take their time releasing these so we all have time to save up for it all. Especially with inflation having driven everything up so ridiculously high.

  • Alek says:

    1. I am hoping that tbd reptile I am hoping that it could be a Titanoboa but any form of ancient croc or gator!

    2. I want to see what the vehicles?

    3.the 30th anniversary packs sound cool!

    4. I will be getting all of the Hammond collection can’t wait for the anky!

    5. REAL FEEL DINO!!!!!

    6. I know we don’t have any news for this, but I would like a Jurassic park compound styled playset

    • STARSAURS158 says:

      Are you kidding me?? Do you know how big titanoboa was?????!!!!!! It was as thick as a one person gyrosphere, as tall as about two and a half figures, and as long as the drednoughtus!!! It would be WAY too big to just be “strike force”. Do you know how big dinosuchus was? As big as the T. rex. titanaboa was that large and more. Sorry, but we will Never get titanoboa. It’s about as realistic as getting an accurately sized biosyn HQ.

    • STARSAURS158 says:

      Didn’t mean to be rude…sorry

  • Grayson age 7 says:

    Super colossal indoraptor what the heck! my favorite dinosaur is indoraptor and I’m super super super super super hoping that that TBD reptile is a Titanoboa or another like Sarcosoucus ancient croc or something!

  • Allo837 says:

    one, when the heck was there ever a cocavenator in any of the movies! Two, one does not simply put TBD reptile, but just nothing at all.

    • STARSAURS158 says:

      They have a stiffer one in fallen kingdom. I know, it’s pretty stupid. The HC line is supposed to be to be for collectors. That’s not a collectors Dino. 😤 but still might be pretty cool

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    Wait…does he mean winter as in end of the year, like Christmas time? Or more around valentines?